About us

The firm was born in the Millennium, in a strategic position in the north of Serbia. The production site of Mali Idos (Vojvodina) has a total area of 43,000 sq.m. and an indoor production area of 6,000 sq.m. Our aim is to achieve and satisfy the needs of our clients, providing them customized manufacture with high quality standards.

TE.ST. specializes in the construction of complex installations in the field of civil, industrial, military and oil & gas engineering, besides the one of concrete precasting equipment and special machines.

Business areas:

  • steel structures;
  • special products;
  • welded beams;
  • bridges;
  • stadiums and arenas;
  • buildings;
  • special equipment for industrial precasting of concrete elements;
  • special machines.

The team at TE.ST. can manage each and every process (designing, procurement, manufacturing, delivery and assembling). Engineers and specialized technicians can manage complex assignments, while ensuring compliance with time, costs and safety targets (Health and Safety Executive).

TE.ST. service centre specializes in the construction of metal structures, heavy steelwork for civil and industrial buildings, besides welded beams for the shipbuilding industry and off-shore installations. We design and manufacture special machines.Our skilled staff can carry out press-bending operations thanks to our hydraulic presses of various types and dimensions, for both the civil and the industrial sector, as well as metal machining for large constructions, like cutting, chamfering and semi-automatic welding.

Available machines:

  • Laser-cutting fiber machine, size 6.000*2.000*15 mm;
  • Automatic chamfering machines for thickness up to 50 mm;
  • Press-braking machines, cnc controlled, 9-axis type;
  • Calenders;
  • Mig/Mag welding machines with synergic impulse technology, up to 600 A;;
  • AC/DC TIG welding machines, suitable for STAINLESS STEEL and ALUMINUM;
  • Horizontal milling machines;
  • Welding gantry system;
  • CNC milling machines;
  • Combined lathing and milling machine of high power and accuracy;
  • No.10 O.H.T. cranes for lifting and handling, up to 20 ton. capacity;
  • sandblasting system with dedicated chamber.

Construction of hydraulic and electric installations, to offer each customer complete turnkey plants.

TE.ST. technical staff avails itself of 3D designing software, which can virtually simulate and then provide a preview of the resulting products.

TE.ST. has a highly qualified and specialized assembling team, ready to interact with the final customer, supervise machine assembling and testing operations and provide a prompt and reliable after-sale service.